Playground Handbook

general rules

  • Respect school property and private property.
  • Use equipment appropriately and safely.
  • Leave all toys, games, balls, and personal items at home.
  • Students will use appropriate language at all times.
  • Hitting, kicking, wrestling, play fighting, and unsafe play are not allowed.
  • No one can be excluded from any game unless permission has been granted by the adults on the yard.
  • Positive comments only.
  • Chase or tag games are only allowed on the field.
  • Students are expected to walk on the blacktop.
  • No playing around the portables, classroom doors, or windows.
  • No climbing on fences or trees.
  • All food must be eaten at the tables only.
  • Students must remain at the lunch tables until they are dismissed.
  • Stop all play when the bell rings and return playground balls to the cart.

play structure

  • Flipping only on the pull-up bars.
  • Keep one hand on the bar at all times.
  • One person on the monkey bars at a time.  Go one direction only.
  • Go down the slide facing forward on your bottom only.
  • Only one person on the slide at a time.

Do not:

  • Jump off any bars.
  • Play tag games.
  • Climb, sit, or stand on top of the bars or jungle gym.


  • One person at a time allowed on a swing.
  • Waiting person must count to 30 (one forward and one back equals one count).
  • Swing with your bottom only facing the field.

Do not:

  • Count back.  You must go to a different swing after counted one.
  • Twist, jump from, run under, or stand on swings.
  • Sit on swings when students want to swing.
  • Stand beside or behind swings when in use.
  • Hold hands with anyone while swinging.

four square

  • Ball must bounce before person plays it.
  • There are no teams.
  • If there is interference from outside, re-serve the game.
  • Ball must be hit with hands.  You can use one or both hands.
  • When in doubt, ALL players vote.
  • Play starts with a serve from the corner “A” square.
  • Body hits are out.

Do not:

  • Do overhead slams.
  • Hold the ball.
  • Hit hard corner shots.
  • Do double or multiple hits.
  • Kick the ball when out.

soccer & football fields

  • Teams must be evenly divided.
  • Use “two hand touch.”
  • Only one goalie.  If anyone else picks up the ball, they will be asked to leave the game. (Tell a supervisor.)
  • Stop play if someone is injured.  Resume play with a throw in.
  • Tackling will result in immediate loss of play privileges.
  • Stay off soccer field if not area if not playing in game.

Do not:

  • Tackle, slide tackle, or trip other players.
  • Climb on soccer nets or backstops.
  • Use hands while playing soccer.
  • Play a “free for all” game of any kind.


  • Players choose which ½ of the court is their half.
  • Players may only stay within their boundaries, or they are out.
  • As long as the ball is on your side, you can hit it.
  • Server decides which direction to start play.
  • If you hit someone on purpose or argue with the server, you are out and must go to the end of the line.
  • When in doubt, all players vote.
  • Three wins, then out.
  • Game over when person hits ball until rope is gone.

Do not:

  • Touch rope or push up rope on pole at any time.
  • Hold the ball after serve or rope throws.
  • Do volleyball tap or set the ball up to yourself.
  • Hold the ball unless serving.
  • Hang or sit on tetherball, or climb on pole.
  • Cut or save places in line.
  • Do “ropies.”


  • Each half court may have a maximum of two basketballs.
  • Offense calls fouls.  If foul occurs while shot is being made, fouled team takes it out.  All other fouls, the opposite team takes ball out of bounds.
  • Charging is a foul.
  • If a majority of players want to play a basketball game instead of just shooting, players must play game or leave.

Do not:

  • Travel or double dribble.
  • Push or use foul language.
  • Do knocks in “lightning” or any other basketball game.
  • Continue playing once the freeze bell rings.


  • Only two players on the court at all times.
  • The ball must bounce within the lines of the handball court.  Liners are out.
  • The server may have no more than one serve/attempt to put the ball in play inside the white lines.
  • The winner serves.  Three wins only, then winner goes out.
  • When in doubt, all players vote.  If voted out, you must go out.
  • Always stand behind the line when waiting.
  • If the ball misses the wall, you are out.  There are no “take ons” or “life” or “chances”.

Do not:

  • Cut or save places in line.
  • Stand or sit against the handball wall while others are playing.
  • Use substitute players.
  • Play with “catchies” or “pick-ups” or “blockies” or “slices”.