Mission & Vision

Mission: At Northwood Elementary School, our dedicated teaching staff, hardworking students, and supportive parents hold high expectations for student success. Our mission statement answers the question, “Why do we exist?” and speaks to our high expectations:  “Our Mission is to prepare our students to face the challenges of the future and become their best selves."  The first part of our mission statement, “preparing our students to face the challenges of the future” addresses the need to provide our students the knowledge base and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.  The second part our mission statement, “becoming their best selves” speaks to our necessity to nurture ethical and socially responsible citizens.  By holding true to our mission, we ensure that our students’ future will be full of promise.

Vision: In determining our school vision, we asked ourselves the question “What kind of school do we wish to become?”  To create our vision, we enlisted the help of students and parents to join with our teachers in crafting a vision for our future.  After bringing all stakeholders to the table, three main areas of focus emerged from our visioning process: (1) Fostering a Love of Learning, (2) Valuing Individuals, and (3) Enriching Learning. We continuously foster a love of learning in our school by (a) celebrating accomplishments, (b) motivating student success, (c) teaching with enthusiasm, and (d) giving students meaningful project-based learning tasks. We enrich learning by (a) creating extended learning programs, (b) establishing interest-based clubs, (c) utilizing computer-aided programs, and (d) fostering community service-oriented activities.  To value individuals we (a) promote character values, (b) praise effort and recognize good work, (c) differentiate instruction, and (d) promote personal goal-setting.  As a community of learners, we constructed a compelling picture of what Northwood Elementary could be, and by working together as parents, teachers and students, we have taken our school from good to great. Northwood Elementary embodies the spirit of No Child Left Behind by: (a) identifying all students with learning difficulties, (b) providing research-based interventions (e.g., Response to Instruction and extended learning opportunities) to help those with learning difficulties improve, (c) using proficiency data to measure learning levels, (d) setting individualized learning goals, and (e) continuously improving instruction. In so doing, we endeavor to have all our students perform at high levels.