Health Office

Any special health problems or changes in health, please contact our Health Clerk at (949) 936-5961, or email the School Nurse directly.

Children should not be sent to school if they have an elevated temperature, have been vomiting, or other genuine symptoms of an illness. Children should remain at home until their health permits them to participate in all school activities, including recesses. It is recommended that your child be free from fever for 24 hours before returning to school. An ill or injured child is routinely sent to the Health Office where necessary first aid is provided until his or her parent arrives. Our school Health Clerk handles first aid and will be calling you if your child is ill, injured or needs to go home. She is not qualified to make medical diagnoses. Our health office is supervised by our school nurse. The nurse is available for parent conferences by appointment.

Please make sure all emergency contact information on file is kept current. We will always try to contact parents first and then those noted on the emergency contact form. Please make sure that the people listed are willing and available to come and get your child if we must call them.

It is likely that some time during the school year your child will have a medication prescribed for the treatment of a health problem. As a general policy, the school recommends that children receive medication at home whenever possible. In the event your physician decides your child needs to receive medication during the school day, certain procedures must be followed. Medicines, whether they be prescription or over-the-counter, may not be brought to school without medical authorization signed by a physician and parent. In the event that a doctor has prescribed medication for your child that must be taken during school hours, the school must be notified. State law requires that the necessary forms must be completed before any medication can be administered at school. All medications are only distributed through the nurse or school office personnel and medication must be kept locked in the nurse’s office.

The law requires that: (1) the medication must be in the original pharmacy bottle properly labeled by the pharmacist, (2) a consent form signed by the child’s parent or legal guardian, and (3) a signed Doctor’s order. Medication must be delivered to the school office by a parent/guardian. These regulations pertain to both Prescription and Non Prescription drugs. For more information on the specific procedures that need to be followed, contact our school’s health office at (949) 936-5961 or email the School Nurse.